Humble suggestion for all around world to get into Blizzard World

Dear sir,
I hope You and your family are well,
I’m writing below message to you from a very enthusiastic place to play diablo3 where Turkish lira is worthless against Euro or USD.
when you look at it with your vision, which does not look very expensive (as well as that) but corresponds to 290 Turkish Liras with all its packages. And It should not be forgotten that the minimum wage of a family of 4 is 2,324 Turkish liras with all. With a small calculation,
rent:1500 turkish lira
bills:500 türkis lira lowest
basic food: 1500turkish lira etc…

I feel like you hear what these issues have to do with us. thats right it doesnt (sincerly sorry for this). As I started the subject, in fact, the inexpensive (in euros) game goes through all the folk wheels of the economy until diablo reach us. and nowadays we have to spend more time in our homes. we can’t go out for extra income because ofcovid-19.I hopeyou all fine against it.

So what shall we do?
Can you fix the euro rate? no. but maybe you can fixeuro rate for the game. it is more than 7 turkish lira 1 euro.maybe if it was be 3,5 or 3,8 turkish lira than it can be more affordable. than it doesnt sound like discrimination. as in the advertising industry; You will be aged until we have it, but it will still be a start for us to be part of blizzard world.

I wouldn’t want any of you upset above message. I apologize with all my heart if I wrote something wrong without realizing it. it is just my personal opinion with your understanding.

thank you if you are reading.

Warm Regards/Healty days.