How to track exactly where CoD connection issue happens?

So i’m aware that you guys state that you have no control over disconnects with CoD, and i’m not asking for help directly with that. But as a side question i would like to ask how you guys claim that, yet we have to be constantly connected to blizzard servers otherwise we deal with disconnects. So just wondering how blizzard/ states that it’s 100% unaffected by blizzard once the game is launched.

But to the main question. I’ve seen the support mentions about tracert, and similiar tools/test for diagnosing connection issues. So is it possible, or what tools could i use, to pinpoint exactly where the connection issue happens, such as knowing exactly which server suddenly stops responding as my connection travels it’s “path”

There must be some point as info/packets/connection (unsure how to phrase it, but hope the idea of what i’m talking about comes across at least) where the issue happens, and is it possible to monitor that and get that info?

I mean, then it would be a lot easier for PC players (and this is a issue for every pc player playing cold war) to chase down support or a fix for the disconnect issue.

Hey there Goelden,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out as I can definitely understand and appreciate that your goal is to play without experiencing disconnects. The Call of Duty servers are hosted through Activision, and that is why we are extremely limited in our ability to troubleshoot.

As far as troubleshooting this issue yourself goes, you can try these troubleshooting steps, but ultimately we can only recommend contacting your ISP or Activision Support for help troubleshooting persistent disconnects in Call of Duty. If the problem is not specific to Activision’s Call of Duty servers, then it is your service provider’s obligation to troubleshoot and resolve issues affecting their network.

Thanks for your understanding and best of luck!

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The main one used is WinMTR. VERY useful because it collects data over a time period - say 10 minutes if you let it run that long. It will record data for every packet sent and every physical location it goes through.

The problem is that bad folks use those tools too and many end servers mask hops for security reasons. You would not be able to see past the front gateway so to speak. There is no ability for us on the outside to see what happens once packets hit Blizzard’s Authentication servers, much less past that into individual game servers regardless of who runs them (Activision or Blizzard).

Here is the tool info though if you want to learn to use it. It would help you see things between your own home network and the game gateway so you could learn more about the path your data is taking at least. Won’t help with Activision servers, but is interesting anyway.

If you are lucky, it may even show an issue nearer to home that you or your ISP can do something about.

So I’ve ran WinMTR for the past day, and as it’s ran i’ve not had any disconnects, but would llike to know if anything looks like it could be an issue to the point of causing disconnects? In general, not specific to CoD.

It’s not allowing me to include a picture (screenshot of winmtr results)

Or post a link, so unsure if this is against the rules, but going to post imgur link but have it spaced out

https :// im gur. com / a / ij7lLOr

You can copy paste the WinMTR results into your forum post.

I can embed the link for you though.

And yes, see that column that says “Loss %”, that shows lost packets of information on those hops. When you connect to any real time service like a game, the servers tend to be very sensitive to drops in data and see it as you being disconnected.

Websites on the other hand, don’t care and small losses will just delay loading. Streaming services buffer data then play it for you, so you are not viewing as you are downloading that part of the video. It is designed that way just to handle small data loss without you being impacted.

Real time games though don’t do that. They need instant real time data communications for your movements/skill use between the server and your PC. Any data loss along that path disrupts that.

For some reason is giving much worse results than any other address i ping.

This is what the results are for pinging

https :// imgur. com/a/9UkYZpx

And sorry, i’m going down the rabbit hole while at work, so not at home to copy/paste the results, i’m screenshotting them since I’m basically live casting it overnight to see how results are over a period of time.

And everything is at 0% except for there being a 1% loss at the 4th hop, and then no response on hop 6 (which if i’m understanding correctly is likely due to how they’ve configured it to not allow/respond intentionally)

So plateau is my ISP, does that mean that the third hop (the 1% loss) is something that’s happening on my ISP’s end, after the packets have left my home network end? Just wondering, if so i’ll likely aim to contact them, although it should be a fun adventure trying to get someone who knows what it is i’m talking about rather than a general support operator.

And also, thank you for the continued response/help. I’m aware it’s not on you to help me with this situation, yet you’ve done so.

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