How to Hide the Launch Bar?

This new update gave us a launch bar at the top of the app next to the favorites bar. I don’t want or need this


Hey Gunark,

There isn’t a way to disable or hide the last played bar.

Please add one. It’s stupid.

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Actionable, constructive feedback, for example, is something like explaining the problem something creates. “It’s stupid” isn’t usable feedback, Zalifer.

If you want to provide constructive feedback, use one of the myriad of existing threads. Avoid posting in a non-topic thread.

I have to say, it’s pretty actionable feedback if you read the entire five words. People are asking for how to disable or hide a UI feature. You advised that there isn’t a way to do that, and I asked blizz for one to be added. That’s about as simple and actionable as feedback can be.

I’ll expand however. Please add a setting in the settings that allows people to hide the “last played” bar. Because it’s a stupid UI element. It provides and extremely minimal benefit, which while possibly useful to some players, isn’t of value to most, and clutters and confuses the favorites bar (which was a nice addition to the UI). There are also cleaner solutions, such as adding an instant play button to existing favorites bar icons, or allowing double click to instantly launch a game from the favorites bar, etc.


Some people, yes. Your reply here was not. All you did was ask for something based of it being “stupid”.

It’s not a complicated topic. People want the option. I have also posted in another thread about it, but this is a forum, where adding your voice to the group amplifies the message. I’m not writing a bug report, and I’m not paid to post here. I think it’s stupid. I want an option. That’s what I said. I’ve even expanded about why I think that to satisfy being more constructive, because yes, generally that’s more helpful.

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Which is all good. That last bit is just about sticking to a thread’s topic rather than derailing them off topics.

You’ll presumably then note that my initial post was related to the topic of being able to hide the last played bar, while your initial reply to me was the first post that wasn’t about being able to hide the last played bar.

The scope of the topic was asking if the bar could be hidden. The question was answered within that scope as well. You posted your suggestion and feedback about the bar.

There are plently of other threads whose scope is feedback/suggestions on the last played bar.

I think it’s reasonable to expect that the scope of discussion would would extend to requesting a soloution to the initial problem. The OP wanted a way to disable the bar as they disliked it, and while no soloution exists, it follows that the next logical step in that discussion is to request a way to achieve his original desire, which I share.

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Your reasoning isn’t relevant. There’s never a need to derail someone else’s thread for your own purposes, especially with the presense of other suggestion/feedback threads.

I’m not going to go in circles with you, Zalifer.

It’s not a derailment really, to ask for a soloution to the initial problem. It’s pretty directly on topic.

On the other hand, providing feedback that you don’t consider someone else post “actionable” despite a direct action being suggested, then quoting forum etiquite seems to be the point that this thread stopped being about the topic.

As for circles, I don’t really care what you do.

stop arguing just remove features no one wants. its trash

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