How to get item level from auction api data

I want to receive data about all auctions for following item:
Shadowghast Breastplate, the id of this item is 171412.

But this item can be for example 225 or 235 or 249 (or any other) item level.
In the response from auction API I usually see something like this:

            "id": 17182428,
            "item": {
                "id": 171412,
                "context": 66,
                "bonus_lists": [6758, 1532],
                "modifiers": [{
                        "type": 28,
                        "value": 2142
            "buyout": 200004300,
            "quantity": 1,
            "time_left": "VERY_LONG"

The question is: where do I find item level in this response? I see quantity, buyout and other properties that I understand how to use. But I don’t get where is the item level.

Thank you in advance!

Item 171412 starts with item level 175, as the item API tells us. Bonus 1532 has an effect type 1 with a value of 60, so we add 60 to 175 to get level 235.

Unfortunately, the API does not include any information about item bonuses, bonus effect types, or bonus effect values. So if you’re limited to using only this API, there’s no way to determine the item level of the item in this auction.

Thank you for the reply.

As you mentioned, with the item API, I am able to get the initial item level which is 175 (/data/wow/item/171412 endpoint):

   "id": 171412,
   "name": "Shadowghast Breastplate",
   "quality": {
     "type": "COMMON",
     "name": "Common"
   "level": 175,
   "required_level": 60,

But I didn’t get the following part: “Bonus 1532 has an effect type 1 with a value of 60”. If it’s not included in the standard api, then please let me know where I can get that info (about bonuses, bonus effect types, etc)?