How to get information about a community?

I am member in a WoW in-game community with 1,000 members. The community leader is having a hell of a time doing the administration. I would like to help him with an application. My idea is to show all the community members and some information about them (like last time connected and such). As it seems, there is no API for getting the community “roaster”. Am I missing something? Is there a way of getting the members in a community? I found how to do it for a guild, but not for a community. I would be very grateful is someone could help.

unfortunately there is no api for this as this is considered “chat” just like you cannot access guild logs or so from ingame thru the api

The communities are considered “chat”? This means that Blizzard created them, and the people investing tons of time to keep them alive are just losing their time? :frowning: The leader of the community I’m talking about spends hours a week to maintain it alive. There are nearly 1,000 players there and he organizes prizes, races, … I know some of the players in the community that just keep playing WoW because of this community. Sad to know that for Blizzard is just “chat”.

Update: there is an in-game lua API called C_Club where I can get the roaster for a guild or community. Why not just provide this API as a REST one? Somehow the game is getting this information as well

by “chat” i mean its information they probably wont reveal or make accessible thru the api… keep in mind my assumptions have nothing to do with blizzard’s stance on the settings of communities ingame api can access many thing that the web api cannot, that being said friends lists and friends are not accessible thru the tpi for privacy reasons im not sure how or where communities fall in this, best bet would to be create an ingame addon for the functions you want

Hello Ulminia, thank you for your answer. Sorry for not answering to your post. I did implement a game addon to get the roaster and it is working! The “problem” is that the community leader needs to use it manually to export the information so that it can be used in a web application I created for the community.
Today I saw that the Wow Companion is displaying the roaster for the community I mentioned above!! This means that there must be an internal API that it can be used to get the information. This would be incredibly useful for automating everything.

I just created a new post asking for it and then I remembered that I created this post already. Regards, Mondrago

the companion app uses blizzard servers but that info we do not have access to and probably wont

Is there a way of sending requirements to Blizzard? Having the api would help a big deal

IF they have not exposed the data for this service i would not expect to see it in the future generally NO chat based information that requires authentication from a user account is exposed to us, to put it simply i can probably say with 99.997% certainty that we will never see any type of web interface for this service besides what IN game for the community program also keep in mind that they are closing the use of the companion app when TWWI launches and these protocols they use will probably be closed as well for it, your only option is to use an ingame addon for anything to do with the communities at this point

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Are these forums being monitored at all by someone from Blizzard? I thank Ulminia for his/her time, but I thought they were the official way of communicating with Blizz about ideas, requirements, etc.

they do monitor them, but with new staffing issues and the team being downsized i would not expect anything for this side of the service its been 6 years since it was introduced and their has been no api for it in any way ial do what i can to get some info from a blue bu to be blunt and frank … dont hold your breath…