How to Dowload app and wow

Good afternoon all. I had the unfortunate luck of this battle dot net app that did not want to download on wow’s official website. I cleaned my pc turn off all anti virus programs, watch movies on you tube how to remedy this problem, visit every possible forum with no luck, switch of my firewall and defender, create cmd commands I got from blizz forums, reset pc again and after 3 days of tampering with all sorts of things registry, cmd, hardware software you name it I finaly give up. Then a I got of from work and my lovely wife got it back online and manage to download the battle dot net app and world of Warcraft dot exe from this web site, https yepdownload dot com world-of-warcraft. It worked on both my laptop and desktop and there is no catch. Just google www dot yepdowload dot com and type in the search bar world of Warcraft if battle dot net app don’t load on your pc on a the blizzard website. It worked for us and I am sure it will work for you. Enjoy :slight_smile: