How to disable Offline Mobile status

With the forced migration from the old authenticator app to the BNET app, I now constantly show as “Offline Mobile” when I close BNET on the PC. I do not ever, ever, for any reason at all, want to chat with people on my phone. When I close Battle.Net on the PC, I want to be offline. When I start it up again, I want to be online. I do not want the phone to have any bearing on my online status at all. I would get rid of the phone app completely, if I didn’t need it for the authenticator function now.

Is there any way to do this other than manually toggle my online status every time I start and stop the application on PC?

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Disabling the offline mobile status on various messaging and social media apps can be essential for privacy or simply to avoid constant notifications. While the exact steps may vary depending on the app you’re using, here’s a general guide:

Open the App: Launch the messaging or social media app on your mobile device

Go to Settings or Profile: Look for the settings icon, usually represented as a gear or your profile picture. Tap on it to access the app’s settings.

Privacy Settings: Once you’re in the settings, navigate to the privacy or account settings. The wording may vary, but it typically has something to do with your online or status visibility.

Offline Status or Visibility: Within the privacy settings, search for an option related to your online status or visibility. This might be called “Last Seen,” “Activity Status,” or something similar.

Adjust the Setting: You should see options to control who can see your online status or when you were last active. Depending on your preferences, set it to “Nobody,” “Only Contacts,” or a similar privacy level.

Save or Confirm: After making the changes, save or confirm your settings. The app may prompt you to confirm your choice, so be sure to do that.

Restart the App: Sometimes, changes to online status visibility take effect after you restart the app. Close and reopen it to ensure the changes are applied.

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