How to cancel a download?

I’m downloading a game that I don’t want anymore. How do I cancel the download entirely?

Click Pause > Options > Uninstall

should do it for ya.

Wow I feel stupid thanks

don’t feel stupid, I have also used the regedit and removed the and diabloIII and still cannot re-install the desktop app… go figure… frustrating

i do that and go to options but theres no uninstall option

there is no uninstall of any sort in options, nighter for downloadting atm game nor for already fully installed one. so how to do it?

I was downloading a game when I noticed that I have chose the wrong drive, and I couldn’t cancell the download to start over using the right drive for me, so I went to the folder that was created by Blizzard when I started downloading and I simply deleted it from the drive, when I went back to check on the dowload, it was gone, and I was able to startover.

The best way to cancel an on going download of a game you do not want anymore simply locate the files using the settings or manually on your computer and delete them.