How to buy physical authenticator

I thought this will be the best place way to know. I’ve search support forums with no luck and contacting was ify since it can be technical and account. I apologize if this doesn’t belong here I didn’t see any place for it to be.

My question is where do I go to buy the physical authenticator? I want to buy some so I can save up since my first one ran out of juice. The second one I’ve already attach to my account but don’t know how long left it has.

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Blizzard no longer sells the Physical Authenticators. The model they sold was called Digipass Go 6. I don’t know if you can get them somewhere else or not and if they would still work.

You can try buying a used Blizzard one on Ebay or something, but you would have to trust the seller as to the age and that the serial number is not already connected to a Bnet account.

The batteries on them are rated by the manufacturer to last around 7 years depending on use.

To remove one if it dies, you can do it yourself if you have SMS Protect set up on your account. If not, you can contact Blizz and send in ID to get it removed, then add the Mobile Authenticator.

One thing to know about the Mobile Auth is to write down the Serial Number and Restore code somewhere safe! That way if your phone/tablet gets a factor reset, or you need to put YOURs on a new device, you can.

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Awww… That’s a shame. I waited too long. Thanks for letting me know. =)

I have my 1st one from when they 1st released them and even my second one from playing S.T.W.O.R.s . I haven’t played in years and decided to check them after my steam account was hacked and they are still both working, so maybe if you press the button 100 times a day for 7 years then battery may run dead but these 2 old pieces of tech are still holding up my account.