How do you locate an existing game?

On the previous BNet UI, if the thing thinks that I need to install a game, I could just use the locate option to tell it where the files are and I’d be able to play it as usual. We do not have that option with the new UI.
I do not want to install a game multiple times or have to leave the application to run a game when the previous solution was much faster (I shouldn’t even have to tell it that I still have the game installed if we’re being honest).
Include the locate option in the new UI. It’s a huge problem

It should not forget where they are, but it can happen.

Try this - go to the swirly blue logo at the top left > Settings > Downloads > [Scan for games] button.

The next block under there is Game Settings which lets you point the launcher at the specific directory with the game in it - if it does not find it. This is especially useful if you play off an external drive.