How do I issue a refund?

Im trying to issue for a refund, but its being declined because Ive briefly played the game. I cant even find the support email. They’ve made it such a difficult and tedious process deliberately. Can someone please advise me on their legitimate customer service email so I can email through to request a refund?

There is no email for Blizzard ticket support. You have to use the website ticket system.

While all digital purchases are final, there is the ability to do a refund if a game was JUST purchased accidentally, a game is still in pre-purchase state (not released yet), or the game does not function on your system.

The first step in the refund system is automated - it checks against the basics for eligibility and if you are eligible, refunds quickly.

If you get declined, there is a link in the reply you got to appeal and have a GM review the case.

Please be aware that playing games is considered “consuming” them and makes the game ineligible for a refund. This is especially true the farther away from the purchase date it is. They don’t give refunds for just not liking something.

The ticket path is Support > Contact Support > game name > Categorize Issue > Payments > Refund

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard employees. MVPs do not represent or speak for Blizzard.

Hey MissCheetah,

Under “My Tickets” - I do not get a link to reply to make an appeal to a GM, I do however get the ability to take a survey and that is all. How do we proceed from here?

Did you get a reply? It should be at the bottom of the first reply you got.

Borrowing this from the D2R Tech Support forum

If you open your case you should be able to reopen it by clicking the “I still need help” option or going to this link .

Hey MissCheetah,

Thankyou for that link. Unfortunately I never got a reply as the tickets were automatically closed. I never had this link either appear anywhere on the side, sadly. So thankyou very much for supplying it!

That should not have happened. Did you get a ticket number when you submitted it? If it went through then it should have given you one.

The only time they close a ticket without an answer is if it is a duplicate or they have given a final ruling on the issue.