HOW do I contact the customer service

Dose anyone know how do I contant the customer service for wow


There are a few ways, depending on what you need help with.

The ticket system will put you in contact with a Customer Support Game Master; you can start the process here:
Click on “I would rather categorize the issue” for a list of categories.

There is also the Customer Support category on the WoW forums; it acts as an Information Centre for in-game and account issues or policies. You will find WoW Customer Support for the America region here:

Best of luck in your games!

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thanks for that.Is there any customer service for ocean area plz.

I don’t play WoW… but I think Oceanic area falls under the America region.

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thanks a lot for help

Americas & Oceania are the same region for WoW. The customer support forum for WoW has players who answer questions, it is not a place to directly contact the employees or skip the ticket queue. So if you have questions about your account, you need to use a ticket.


OP has provided some details of the issue (I think !)… on the API Bug Report category. He/she has questions on the process of transferring characters from one realm to another:

Not sure why he/she is not posting on the WoW forums…

Cheers !

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Thanks Boubou :slight_smile: These are questions for WoW General Discussion or Customer Service, both of which will be answered by other players.

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This ^

The usual path for a paid transfer issue is Purchase Failure.

There are restrictions on transfers that a player should be aware of that can cause it to fail as well. Great article here.

The Customer Support Forum is, as you said, an Information Desk. Other players often chime in, but it is also staffed by Blizzard Forum Support Agents (Blues) who do provide policy info, service info, and advice on how to proceed with navigating the Support system. They are not GMs/CS agents who can resolve a ticket, but they can help a player get where they need to go and explain things.

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hi sir/mom
i have mail from blizard he say to me my account has been banned
why i got banned?
i dont do anything for cheats,bot’s or scamming

please i wanna play again sir
please,please i beg to you

thank you.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Your advice worked. I asked for escalation and finally got a response relevant to my request. You’re the best.

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Read the e-mail… it will say why you got banned.

Nothing can be done on the forums - if you think your ban is an error, you can appeal it.

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