How can I fetch all items

Hello guys, I hope you’re doing well !

Here’s my problem, when I fetch auction house data each item information looks like this :

"item": {
				"id": 38787

So I need to get the name of the item and eventually the icon so what I would normally do is these get requests on those endpoints:
To get the item name and item icon

But that’s clearly not an option since one auction house data is composed by more than ~14000 unique items

I’ll reach the 36000 requests cap pretty easily

So what I plan to do for the moment is fetch all items available at these endpoints

To save them in a MongoDB database so I could use them without any limits

I would like to know if there’s a way to get all items and all items media like the way I can get all servers with the endpoint /data/wow/realm/index

And if not I would probably need to iterate over a range but I don’t know what range I should set ?

Thank you, please tell me if it isn’t clear since english is not my native language.

You can use the item search endpoint: /data/wow/search/item.
There’s more info here on how to use the search endpoints:

Thank you for your answer !

But it seems that I can only fetch a maximum of 1000 items

I don’t understand how I can retrieve all items in game with this endpoint

You can use this method

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Thank you very much it works !!