How am i supposed to refund my preorder of black ops cold war

for whatever reason, I’m unable to find the option to refund black ops cold war. I haven’t played it, nor have I installed it. yet still I cannot refund this game. somebody, anybody… help me

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funny you mention it, I bought it in preorder as well but after playing the FREE beta I found out I absolutely hate the way the game feels. I was looking on the web on how to refund it but found nothing.

I hope you have more luck

If you pre-purchased through the Blizzard Launcher App then you can use the Blizzard support system to request a refund.

Here is a direct link to the ticket option

I used Support > Contact Support > BlackOps Cold War > Purchase > request refund - subject to whatever terms for refunds were applied at purchase.

If you purchased it through another site or store you would have to contact them for a refund.


Great help! with the very late announcement of zombies being playstation exclusive for a year. refund refund refund time