Horrible customer service

You get suspended with the generic description, then IGNORED when you put in tickets on the BLATANT DISCRIMINATION PRACTICES that Blizzard uses. But, its no wonder with their history of discrimination. Been playing this game for 17 years now. The way they suspend over “language” is discrimination at its finest. Unless they are going to monitor EVERY channel and suspend EVERY violation, its discrimination. Plus, they have a language filter in the game, so that proves they have a reasonable belief that bad language is going to happen. With your history of discrimination Blizzard, I can’t see the TOS holding up to any type of agreements made. We will just wait and see how Blizzard Legal and the California Civil Rights departments both handle my claims to them against you and your discriminatory practices on banning “some” of the people based on what “some” of the players choose to report, which, again, is discrimination if EVERYONE isn’t going to be reported or EVERYONE isn’t going to get suspensions.

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Actually there has been things going around saying that games will now start getting strict on swearing, racist comments etc. I cannot remember what its called to look up but I have been hearing about it, including if you get banned from one set of games that it’s possible to get banned in other games, or some stupid crap like that.

A few years ago my account got banned for offering a free heirloom trinket (void shrouded satchel) on trade chat. There was nothing vulgar, discriminatory or anything bad about it. I simply said “Free heirloom trinket (void shrouded satchel) for anyone who wants it. Gives touch of the void”.

Next day my account was banned and has been ever since.

Another account got banned because I said to hand in fragments to get the tree in Ashran bg.

Last night I was banned because a group of people (including myself) on trade chat were talking about feathers and toes. There was nothing inappropriate or in breach of the code of conduct and we had lots of people thanking us for the laughs. But my account is gone, banned.

Players are spamming false reports against other players and Blizzard is using an AI program to accept reports against players and then the AI program is banning those players and their accounts. There are no longer any humans involved in this process and if you appeal the ban, the same AI program deals with the appeal by copying & pasting an automated response along the lines of “Our decision stands, check the code of conduct”.

Blizzard refuses to tell me what I have allegedly done to deserve the bans. They won’t tell me which part of the code of conduct I have apparently breached. They don’t even have a person respond to the tickets now, and if they do (which is incredibly rare now) they say they don’t have to tell me anything. That is in breach of consumer protection laws but when I contacted consumer protection and mentioned Blizzard and world of warcraft, they refused to talk about the matter or help.

The AI software blizzard is using is flawed and needs to be removed and replaced by real people. But they won’t do that because they have to pay those people and that means they don’t make as much money.

Blizzard is destroying the game with its incompetent AI software that can’t tell the difference between real and fake reports, and they no longer have any humans involved in the banning of accounts or appeal process, regardless of what people on here say.