Hope this isn't just me

A few days ago, I encountered an error running a D3 seasonal Nephilim rift. A huge, colored, shifting blob blocked my view of the game. All I had left was the HUD and minimap. I was still able to blindly complete the rift by looking at my minimap. Afterward, whenever I logged into the battle.net desktop app (comes up on the Diablo 3 tab first), the window blinks and pulses with these weird, little green squares all over. Like it’s from a bugged cutscene that somehow infected the battle.net app.

At first, I thought it was just on Diablo 3, but then I played another game I got off Steam, and it had video issues too. That led me to believe it’s something wrong with my computer. I checked all my drivers, and they are fine. I uninstalled the battle.net app earlier today, and everything worked fine. Hours later, the bug returned. It may be a problem with Windows or my hardware. I think this desktop is over 10 years old, and it has constantly misbehaved every time I touch it–crashing, cutting off suddenly, wireless issues, you name it. Recently I removed the side panel to let all the heat out. That seemed to clear up some issues immediately. It’s pretty frigid in my room, so it doesn’t overheat anymore.

I submitted a ticket a few hours ago. Then, I looked through the forums a bit and haven’t seen any other similar problems. It could just be my weird computer.

I hope it’s not just me. Any advice would be appreciated.