High idle CPU usage

I don’t know what it is, but when Battle.net is running, even when minimized to taskbar, the idle CPU usage jumps from average of 15 watts to 35 watts and all my P-Cores (i9-13900K) are hitting their high boost clocks constantly.

When I minimize it to the system tray, power usage drops a little but still idling at 25-30 watts.

When I close it, they start idling at low speeds (~800-1000 MHz) and power usage drops to 15-18 watt range.

Steam doesn’t have this effect. I’ve had Steam, Hwinfo64 and other things running minimized without battle.net and nothing else used this much power.

I tried both Standard and Beta versions, same thing. I actually manually assigned affinity of the open battle.net processes to the E-Cores only and that also didn’t change anything.

Check if a game you dont play, currently has a popup ad that it really wants you to see, and close it. For some reason I’ve had those full size popup ads, inside the bnet client, do bizarre things for GPU/CPU use.