"Hide Offline Friends" option removed in Beta?

Under “Friends & Chat Settings” there used to be an option to hide all offline friends or just friends that are offline for 30+ days, both options are gone in the current beta version - why? Please add the functionality back in.

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Yes please! My friends list is wait too difficult to navigate now - all my offline friends who are “Favorites” come before my other friends who are actually online, making it hard for me to see who’s available to play with right now.

Puzzled as to why this simple feature was removed. Please add it back.

We’ve just released an update to the Battle.net Beta app that adds the option to Hide Offline Friends. It can be toggled through the “Friend & Chat Settings” which can be access either through the dropdown in the friends list, or the main applications settings.

As always, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Is no one going to address the issue that the people who bought the original game no longer get update support from bnet. I feel that blizzard slows it to encourage the new purchase. This company would charge you for a smile honestly.