Hey Blizzard Devs, Whatcha Thinkin Bout? (TBCC APIs)

I dunno, maybe TBC stuff? Maybe even Auction House flavored? Just, y’know, wonderin’.

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Greetings Erorus! Looking at the topic history, it appears spam was posted as a reply to your topic. Rather than removing only the spam post, it seems the entire topic was instead incorrectly deleted by mistake. Apologies for the confusion.

As for TBCC APIs, things have been fluid but we are formalizing a strategy that we hope to share with the community very soon. At this point, you can assume that at a minimum, any APIs supported for original Classic will also be available for TBCC. I appreciate your patience as I know there are many questions about our support level for the upcoming expansion and community developers are trying to plan updates themselves.


What about Classic Era? Will the current Classic APIs be supported for Classic Era?

Will the PVP arena leaderboards make it to the API?

Well right now there is 0 Web APIS for classic, not even an auction house api?
What we all are asking for is Web APIS such as Auction House and Character APIs.
With stuff like Arena coming out, we , the community, would LOVE to make community tools such as arena ladders, but it simply ain’t possible.
Right now websites such as TSM and The Undermine Journal have made great tools to track the auction houses for the community, but the way it’s done for classic is ridiculous and a hassle.
To obtain information from the auction house these websites needs to have multiple wow accounts, log in on every single realm every 1-2 hours and scan the auction house to upload the data to their websites.
This is both costly, inefficient and you blizzard actively bans these licenses for doing so!

Unlike retail wow there isn’t any web API for classic, so what do you want us the community to do? We have been crying out loud for web apis ever since classic launch, and here we sit doing the same thing over for TBCs launch.

I hope you can see and understand our frustrations and how much Blizzard is shooting them self in the foot with not making it possible for the community to communicate with any form of Web API for classic nor TBC at this point… and it is to me a mystery why nothing has been done throughout the entirety of Classic close to two years later!

I am sorry for sounding frustrated, but it annoys me you sit here saying “Thank you for your patience” when it feels like there is a huge lack of communication when it comes to web apis, and we have been waiting for close to two years at this point?

In regards to lack of communication you could try go to https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/c/api-discussion/18 and scroll down the many threats and see how many posts blizzard have actually responded to during the past 2 years.
Dont get me wrong I am thankful you are responding in this threat, but it’s just sad for me to see your own community wanting to build tools for your game, yet it feels like Blizzard doesn’t care the slightest at this point and when we finally see an answer it’s just the generic “Soon TM” “Wait a little longer” “Maybe we will do it” kind of answers.

Best regards

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For my own personal projects, I’m interested in whether we’ll have auction house APIs for TBC, since that seems to be up in the air, with both “yes” and “no” answers being plausible. The answer to that question would determine whether one of my existing projects migrates to a supported API or shuts down.

In my day job, we’re interested to know whether a profile API will be available, specifically for looking up characters to find their equipment and completed quests. If not, we can fall back on to exporting the data via addons, though that would significantly limit the utility of some tools for players who don’t want to mess with addons and logins and stuff. An API would be really helpful for those players as well as simplify development on our end. I kinda have no time left to wait so I’ll work on the addon method as a fallback, but the sooner we know the answer, the less time we’ll waste.

Appreciate the update Korakk, ty :pray: :ok_hand: Hope to see profile APIs for both Classic games. Current “minimum” API expectation is too much minimum :pensive:

Hey Korakk, could you share if theres an estimated date when these APIs become available? Even a confirmed before launch / on launch / after launch would already help a lot :slight_smile: