Hey Blizz My Ideas about games! please read

Hi my name is sasha. I love games. i been here since the first day of wow, before microtransactions. even starcraft, or ip adresses in quake. so i have some ideas after all these years. i wanted to make games by myselft, however i decided to rather give my ideas to blizz. my first idea would be a 3d rubicks cube, where you can rotate the entire cube, then twist a section with the other mouse button. Like mario 64, before the game starts you can manipulate his face. . i . also i noticed healers ruin most game because they end up out healing dps, they should run out of mana. and wow needs more skill shots. i love skill shots. And the only thing i would change about Diablo 2 is when you char is in a game, you are able to enter the game as another char without leaving the game. I am very facinated with shaders, i download the new ares emulator. i went through so many shades, it is the beautifullest thing to replay my favourite classic with all the different shaders, VHS HDR CRT, there are so many made me cry. Also i think Skill shots are important in all games, it gives the factor of chance. Chess cube would be too hard to make, sincerly sasha :smiley: