Help with Overwatch Shop, please?

I hope this last resort will reach someone since I’m kind of loosing the will to play now and don’t know what else to do to give Blizzard my money but they don’t want it :slight_smile:
Some shop skins are the reason I started maining some heroes such as ‘Ashe Raijin’, but even though I got the money to buy them all (and will do so), there is no point if none of these won’t appear in shop EVER.

The 50% deal is on right now and I would buy it too but I got the coins for what I want the most already, the problem is that it is never available so why buy even more coins, just so I got a bunch and do nothing with it?

So, the question is: Is there a way I can signalize or flag some skins to hint for your servers or whatever that those are the ones I want to buy?
I have been playing Ashe for 7 days straight non-stop and some of her skins appeared but not the “Shop” labeled ones which are the ones I’m after.
Btw, what is the point of having something there if people that want can’t buy it? Just to make people sad?