[help] Graphics bug! CoD: MW2


Can somebody please help me to resolve a graphics issue at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

The problem - all the shadows, corners and basically anything to do with dark or dim colours instead appear in completely black. Bright colours are somewhat visible but anything slightly dimmed or or even a little dark is instead completely, and I mean fully black. Every house corner, tunnel or shadow, basically 70% of the game, even the DMZ menu screen is completely black (apart from the operator, which now also appears to have a hue of red color). It is impossible to play the game in any way as I can’t see a thing except from the sky or the sun basically! I would add pictures below but am unable to add links (message me in private for these).

Things I have tried to resolve the issue: reinstalling the game (twice), scan and repair, updating my drivers, rerolling to previous driver versions, updating the drivers again to a most recent version, messing with the video settings and pretty much anything that I could think of - nothing solves the issue.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!


This is the wrong forum for CoD: MW2.

Check that your computer meets the system requirements:

Post on the MW2 sub-reddit to ask for help from other MW2 players:

If you think that you have encountered a bug and would like to report it to Activision:

Put in a ticket to Activision Support:

This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games — legacy games such as Diablo II (2000).

Furthermore, Blizzard offers no support for in-game issues on games published by Activision. They will help with installation and updates, with your Battle.Net account and with purchases on the Blizzard Shop but, for everything else, you need to contact Activision.
==> Blizzard Support for Activision Games - Blizzard Support

Good luck with this !