Help, a hacker deleted everything in my account

someone logged in into my account and deleted everything , all purchases , all skins and items in overwatch and modern warfare , what can i do to help me here ?
please help
my email is and was the same that im using right now , please help


Aside from providing info, nothing can be done on the forums… you’ll need to contact Blizzard Support (Battle.Net account) and Activision Support (Activision account) to recover your accounts. Refer to the following Support articles:

OK ---- did your BattleTag (the numeric part after “shubhamg11”) change ? If it did, then you now have a new Battle.Net account. If it didn’t, you still have your old Battle.Net account and you should change your password (and possibly your e-mail) to avoid further damage. Share those details with Blizzard Support and Activision Support – not on the forums.

Good luck with this.


It’s possible that Blizzard Support will contact you for more information… if they do, do not reply to their e-mail. Those e-mails are usually sent from a NoReply address and are not monitored… they would never see your reply. Instead, create a new ticket, provide the ticket number of your original ticket reporting the compromise of your account (so Blizzard can link both tickets) and provide the information requested.

I don’t know how Activision Support work – perhaps the same, perhaps different.