Helltide and CC suggestions

Make helltide effect cellars and dungeons to drop embers with in. Thank you.
also the crowd control in the game can be rough. unstoppable isnt a reliable mechanic for all classes, maybe change freeze to lower move speed by 100% restored over 2-3 seconds, fear could increase cooldowns by 30 %. Yhe shadow ball sigil affix that mutes your skills as a melee char is terrible to play around. The obscured vision and miss chance is fine, wanna add longer cds inside sure but muting my skills feels absolutely unfun.

Why are you posting about Diablo IV in the Diablo I forums?

A simple search…

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As for crowd control mechanics, I understand your frustration. Having a reliable and balanced crowd control system is crucial for enjoyable gameplay. Your suggestions to adjust freeze and fear effects by reducing movement speed and increasing cooldowns respectively could be worth considering. It could provide more counterplay options for players affected by those abilities and promote a fairer gameplay experience.

Regarding the shadow ball sigil affix muting skills for melee characters, I can see how it can feel frustrating. It might be worth exploring alternative ways to balance this affix, such as adjusting the obscured vision and miss chance aspects rather than completely muting skills. This could still present a challenge without making it feel excessively limiting or unfun.

It’s frustrating that 10 days after a link was provided to the proper place to talk about Diablo IV, i.e. the Diablo IV forums, people are still talking about Diablo IV on the Diablo I forum.