Hearthstone + Pixel 4a performance issuess

Just got a pixel 4a to.replace my busted pixel 3. Hearthstone’s performance is abysmal. The graphics are slow and jerky to the point where I rope on many turns because the poor device is just struggling.

Any chance you’ve been able to test it on the new pixels and have any idea what is going on with them?


Same deal, pixel 2 worked fine, 4a is really rough.

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So same issue but I found a clue, game runs fine if you have a YouTube video playing in the background. Seems like HS doesn’t tell the phone to go into performance mode or something.

Same issue with the 4a. Watching this post closely…

I also experience the same problem.

I’m also having this issue. Hopefully this gets addressed soon by blizzard . Same thing happened with pixel 3a until the patch

Also experiencing this issue. Wasn’t there historically an option to tone down the graphics? Looking on mobile now, no drop down exists. I’d be happy to minimize graphic intensity just to have smoother play.

Same problem here. Hearthstone ran fine on my Pixel 2, it’s sometimes unplayable on my Pixel 4a, especially Battlegrounds

Brand new Pixel 4a, tried via a fresh setup (no backup) and only installing Hearthstone, while also trying via a backup setup.

Regardless of settings in Dev mode, quite a bit of lag with Hearthstone. Most noticeable during things like using Refresh, etc., but it certainly slows down the entire game. Triples are a nightmare as well.

I fixed it. It’s a GPU setting. Search Graphic Driver Preferences. Make sure to set Hearthstone to use the graphics processor by default. Performs just fine after.

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love you clockrocket, thanks!!

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Thanks for the tip, I found the setting by enabling the developer mode. I set it but I found no improvement unfortunately. The game still runs like a dog on this phone. Seems like some kind of patch is needed from blizzard.

The issue remains - can we please have an update or an opportunity to provide debugging information to help resolve?

Hi! I’m also having this issue. Is there anything we can do to fix this? I had a Pixel 3 prior to the 4a and did not experience these issues with Pixel 3.

Same. Switched from a Pixel 2 and usually on my 4a the first game is fine but performance gets worse the longer I play. Some sort of memory leak? Basically can’t play more than two games at a time.

Also tried the graphics setting suggested above and it made no difference for me.