Hearthstone crashes on startup

After today’s update the game won’t start on Android. Both my devices show the same issue (Samsung S5 Neo smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet): game show Blizzard then Hearthstone logo allright, but when the game menu should show up, the game closes. It does not even recognize it as an app crash, because no app crash report dialog is shown.
I would love to be able to play the battlegrounds update with dragons, but now being able to play the game is top priority.
Thanks in advance.


Similar here. App freezes on the hearthstone logo. Then Android shows a popup that the app doesn’t respond with option to wait or close. Wait doesn’t help. Clearing app cache and rebooting phone didn’t help. Moto G5.


Exactly the same here. After last update, the application just ends on startup… no error message, no nothing. Phone reboot and cache clearance doesn’t work.
Using Moto G4.


Same here but with the desktop game. (PC)

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Happens on iPhones as well. Trying to open app, tells me to go to App Store to download, brings me to App Store, then click open on the app once I’m there, and same thing when I get back to the game. It’s stuck in a loop of sorts

Same here Clearing app cache and rebooting phone didn’t help

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Please fix: Same problem as LazyTurtle mentioned.

I’ve tried many things: Forced app stop, restared device, Cleared cache, Cleared data… still got the same problem: app freezes before the main menu comes up, then it crashes.

The same thing is happening to me on my android, right after this last update the game started crashing after start up and right about the doors are going to open it freeze,s crashes, then my phone prompts with me with; “Hearthstone is not responding”, options available are as follows; “send error report”, “close application”, and “wait”.

Ive tried reinstalling the app, force stopping it, backing up and factory resetting my phone, making sure all permissions were enabled for the game, made sure my phone would allow any app could be used in my settings, clearing the cache, clearing data, and connected directly to the internet via cable and tried wifi.

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I’ve got the same problem, only thing I haven’t tried is resetting my whole phone.

Exact Same Issue, only when the app crashes it hard restarts my LG Stylo 4+ …PLEASE FIX

So, still no luck for me…
Same issues…

Same problem here, it’s been 3 days …please FIX!!

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4 days now, and nothing from Blizzard.

Samsung Galaxy tab…same problem…please fix

Same for me, galaxy tab s2, impossible to connect since the Last update, the game close by it self after entering my account. Plz fix it or say something to help to fix it.

Moto G6 with same log in issues. Reinstalled (2 different times), cache clears, and no improvement. Loads the friend list icon in top left, then settings in top right and freezes right after that.

Its working now, after New update, ty!

Meu jogo hearthstone abre, mas fecha logo em seguida e é sempre assim eu saio e volto e esta do mesmo jeito, ele não abre, e sempre está relatando o mesmo problema " Encontramos um problema de rede ao carregar todos os cards da sua coleção ", eu reiniciei e voltei, mas está a mesma coisa. O que eu posso fazer?
Eu já apaguei e reinstalei o jogo e não resolveu nada.

Hi, HeartStone app is not starting anymore. I uninstall and install the app 2 times but it is still freezing. I have Samsung A70.The masage is : " Closed Oops! Playfull sprites… try re- launching the game." But relaunching is ending in this masage.
Thank you