Hearthstone Can not Launch

There is text and coding across the Blizzard Launcher for all games rather than the pictures this coding represents. For Hearthstone there is not even a play button. Trying to launch and play Hearthstone.Good internet connection. Cleared cache and cookies and rebooted twice.

Thank you in advance.

Hey TwoTonYoda,

There is an advertisement overlay for the new release that can cover up the Play button. You should see an X on the top right.

If the advertisement isn’t appearing, security applications, and firewalls will block the advert. Try temporarily disabling any security applications and firewalls temporarily to test.

The next following steps can help:

  1. Try logging out the Blizzard Application, switch to a different region, click on the X, then switch back to your main region.
  2. Disable the Hardware Acceleration. Go to Settings in the Blizzard Application (Click Blizzard Logo), then under General, scroll all the way down. Under Advanced, uncheck the Use browser hardware acceleration.
  3. Delete the Cache and Tools folder again, and reinstall the Blizzard Application.

If none of this helps, please reply with a screenshot of what you are seeing. Upload them somewhere like imgur and link us to the results.

If you have issues pasting here, post the link with a space (ex: Imgur (dot) com).