Hearthstone Bots

Hopefully this finds its way to someone of importance on either the Hearthstone team or Blizzard moderation team. As the title suggests, Hearthstone is absolutely riddled with bots as of the time of writing. And no, I’m not referring to the bots that you are matched up against when you have low MMR, I mean bots developed and ran by some type of third-party.

I am in the beginning Silver ranks, primarily because I don’t play the game religiously, but at this point, I’d say about two-thirds of my matches are against bots. They almost always play Lich King and have the same deck every time. The bots are clearly unstable as they take forever to make moves (rope burning essentially every turn), and sometimes, they don’t even attack simply because they run out of time. Maybe part of this is intentional in hopes that the actual player concedes and the bot can get into another game quickly.

I report these bots for Cheating > Botting constantly. Sometimes, it seems as if this is with a purpose, only for me to match up against the same bot merely a day or hours later. The bot’s name’s are always randomly generated as well, some examples of ones I just played against are .

I just hopped off the game after playing three consecutive matches against just bots. If Blizzard plans to maintain Hearthstone for the foreseeable future, it is not only a recommendation, but a necessity for them to address this issue immediately. It should not be hard to flag accounts based on suspicious mouse movements/overall account activity, and then take action on these accounts.

I have played Hearthstone for several years on and off, and I’m about to give up on the game entirely at this point because of this issue. I wouldn’t even mind so much if the bots played quickly, but it’s not fun to stare blankly at a screen and waste time against opponents that pose no challenge whatsoever. Please fix this Blizzard, if not for me, for yourselves, because if you don’t, I guarantee this game will die out.


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Seems that bots are from blizzard themself. I can Add anyone to my friendslist except for bots. They dont show up in the social menu in hearthstone.

I might be wrong. Enlighten us, Blizzard.

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i have the same problems with bots all the time when playing battlegrounds the bots always target the minions that will do the most damage to them no matter what position they are in. But as we know Blizz will do nothing because it does not benefit them to do so. But that is what i come to expect from a liberal company from California

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Nothing will be done because these are bots DESIGNED by Blizzard in order to make sure our negative algorithm does its job. The bots draw the exact same every game, and stifle us as planned. For some reason Blizzard thinks this will generate revenue. This is not gambling, its a card game. Developers and programmers are so narcissistic, they give zero chance for fair game play. Im hoping the take over by Microsoft will make changes but i doubt it. Been playing since beta, the game is half of what it was when it wasnt a money grab. DO NOT SPEND REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!

Nope you are not wrong. Look at the battle tag # s in the tens of thousands and beyond lol. You will see them in battlegrounds and the new twisted game plays

Bingo!! Spot on cookie. Ive played you in battlegrounds plenty. See you next time…