Having issues re-installing D2


I have not played Diablo 2 for the longest time and wanted to play it again, i went through the process through blizzard to start downloading it but I get a pop up stating

“script Error”

Error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘keys’

I have purchased it before and it shows that i have a key, im not sure what is wrong, any possible help with getting going again?

Hey there! This sounds like one of the common issues we see with Diablo II during the install. You should be able to select yes or no a few times to make the message go away, or just ignore it and select the install location. The install should still run through fine despite this error.

Hello and thank you for replying, I have gone through the process of hitting yes on the boxes and i get a pop up of Diablo 2, showing me

Diablo 2 Expansion set

Customer support


I hit play of course but nothing happens

Any errors that appear after hitting play? Could you try running the installer as admin and see if the play button will work?

If the admin step doesn’t resolve it, does it launch in windowed mode? If the Diablo II shortcut has been made on the desktop background, right click on the desktop icon for D2, then go to Properties. Under the Shortcut tab, add at the end of the Target box the following -windowed, it’ll look something like so:

"C:\Users\Games\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -windowed

If this fails, could you gather a DxDiag file? Copy and paste the text file created and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

DxDiag Here

Play button wont work for me.

same, play button wont work

Any solution? Its exactly the same for me???

Hey everyone,

Sorry to hear about your problems, but there wont be solution. Just sto playing that game :slight_smile: I am having troubles 48 hours to log in to b-net. They are not supporting the game anymore, so they are trying to ban or to create troubles to all users.


Crazy how useless the support is.

This is a super old thread that keeps getting bumped. Locking this up since the OP hasn’t been back in forever. If you’re having an installation issue, please start your own thread with as much information on the exact error you’re getting.