Having a way to view Overwatch game replays on the go would be pretty neato

I made a post in the Overwatch general discussion forum about this, but I figured I’d post here as well.

I hardly ever use the mobile app except to go in and out of offline mode. Having some way to view replays on the go could potentially be another use for the mobile battle.net app.

Whenever I have free time and I am not near my laptop, I usually just watch videos on my phone anyways. So why not do something a bit more constructive? If I had the means to watch my replays on the go I’d definitely be making more use of the replay feature. It would make it easier to fit into my daily schedule, especially since I am on the road for work quite often

Edit: since the average phone’s hardware probably won’t be powerful enough to recreate the replay like it does on pc, the feature would rely on some sort of external site to do all the heavy lifting. All your phone would need is an internet connection to access the site, where you can then enter your code and view the replay