Hand injuries in eSports

Hello community !
A medical student friend of mine is doing a survey about hand injuries in eSports as part of her doctoral thesis ! She had asked me if I could share this survey here. It takes about 5-10 minutes and if you participate it would really help medicine and science learning more about health in eSports!

As a compensation for your time so to speak, each participant has a chance to win 50 euros, which will be raffled 20 times and paid via Paypal! The winners are selected by a random generator.

There was nothing in the guidelines about not posting a survey, so here we go:


If you want to share your experience with hand or wrist discomfort during playing WoW here, that would also be pretty interesting!


I really like the survery!!

You must be a really good person and such a friend to your friend.

I helped your friend and hope she’ll do well.

I also emailed the Dr. at the end of. The survey just to help,expose what is not good within the gaming industry (:

I also think you posted in the wrong section. This is Warcraft II section not WoW section. I also misread the title and thought it was SC II section.

Btw, if you post in WoW general section you will get lots and lots and lots of reponse as there are still lots and lots and lots of people who play that game.

I never ever thought War raft II would live this long and still make it to be in Blizz forums (: