HALLOWEEN EVENT - nothing was done

Firstly, it is an absurd to have to come here again to talk about a problem caused by you and that has not been resolved until today. But let’s go.

I’m a player of Elzix server. At the Halloween event, I purchased the “Death Bargain” package in the first hours of the promotion, which said that, at the end of the cycle, when 20 skins had been sold, the player would receive the orbs back.

The cycle ended. More than 20 skins was sold. And I still haven’t received the refund until today. Days after my purchase I noticed that you guys changed the description of the promotion after me and many other people bought it.

Legally speaking: this is not right. And I would like to have my orbs back. Other players who had the same problem, including after me, have already received their orbs back. And you still haven’t solved my problem.

I had submitted a ticket (ID #87674531) almost 1 month ago. Nothing was done.

I was asked to open a topic here on the forum. I opened the topic in the forum.
Nothing was done.

I commented in the topic weeks ago to remember to you about my problem.
Nothing was done.

And here I am again.
Can you help me?