Hacked account/ False Ban

Hello! I have been hacked recently and the other player has made some false charges. So I have been accounted as banned on your platform and I would like to appeal because I did nothing wrong. Also, I would like you to remove the account lock because it blocks me from playing any of my games I purchased.
I have waited a whole day and still have not received a response. Time-sensitive.

You will have to wait on your ticket. That is the only means to appeal. While you wait, you will also want to make sure your PC is free of malware and that your email is secure too. If your financial information was used then someone has that - as they can’t get it from your account. Any charges made that were not made by you need to be reported.

Blizzard Customer Support is located mostly in Austin Texas - and were almost all working from home due to pandemic restrictions. At the moment much of Texas does not have electricity or water so there are delays in ticket replies.