Great updates for the Application!

Over the Past 14 years of playing Blizzard Games you guys have done a fantastic job producing a product that allows anyone to venture into blizzard games easily and a reliable Client Launcher that gives the ability for anyone with a Mac or Windows computer a Reliable Client that is always bug free and up to date! I want to say thank you for all of the hard effort in keeping the launcher bug free and in general good to use!

One Piece of Feedback from using it would be the alternative to Allow the user on World of Warcraft to edit their Frame of Graphics from LEGACY METAL / METAL The Wow Client on Mac computers has been very vividly laggy or not working since October on the application.

one other thing I might add to improve the users experience would be to add more Switchable UI Frames for launching any of the applications due to computer issues on Windows or Mac.

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