Got to love banned for lawful claims

gotta love getting banned for making a lawful refund request, under Australian consumer law, for modern warfare and how broken it is
PS not this account, just made this one to post this. main got a 72 hour ban hahaha
another ticket will be submitted at the appropriate time, you will either hear from myself or my bank first :slight_smile:

Suspended for asking? Not likely. Anyone can ask, even if it’s something that isn’t eligible.

What can get you actioned is repeatedly asking after being given the answer and told that no more requests will be accepted. Doing so falls under Game Master harassment. Plus, if the requests contain any other violations, such as profanity or abusive language, that can also result in an account action.

Be warned that if GM harassment is the reason for your suspension, continuing to make requests may result in increasingly longer suspensions, and ultimately a permanent ban.

Although I don’t know much about commerce law, even in the US, rest assured that Blizzard has a fleet of attorneys who are well versed in the laws of the countries they do business in.

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So if Blizzard intentionally shut down a legitimate user, do you think we can appeal successfully?
At present, my account has been closed. For the first time, selling gold broke the balance of the game. However, Blizzard could not find any evidence of my sales after the appeal. However, for the second time, I closed my account by selling gold to break the balance of the game. Therefore, I appealed again. The reply I am waiting for is a direct violation of the user agreement, which really surprises me. I just used the accelerator in Asia, which can make the game smooth. Of course Blizzard knows about this, and I also explained this when I closed my account for the first time. I can’t find any reason why I think it should be banned.