Got Scammed (whos surprised?)

I was gonna buy the battlepass for OW2, and when i went to buy the credits, it said “transaction failed” but the purchase happened, and i can prove it. i also never got a purchase number because to blizzard, the purchase never happened.
EDIT: it just did it again, whoopdy frackin doo, thats 20 dollars down the drain now


same thing happened to me 40 dollers down the drain

This happened too me too, nothing shows up in my Transaction history for my battlenet account, but my bank account shows 2 charges for $9.99 pending from Blizzard. I’m sure it will get straightened out, but it is frustrating when they new hero is gated behind the battle pass, and the store doesn’t register the purchase. Who knows how long it will take for that 20 dollars to not show as pending in my bank account.

I opened a ticket with Bliz regarding it, but “24 Hours” turn around on a purchase issue is a less then desirable response.

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Pending is a status usually meaning that the transaction is not complete on Blizzard’s end. Normally when you request a product the vendor (Blizz) sends a request to the bank. The bank authorizes it and puts a hold on your funds (moves them aside to use). The bank then has up to 3 business days to transfer the funds to the vendor. Vendor can then consider the transaction complete.

Some vendors grant access to whatever you are purchasing when the transaction is authorized. Others wait until the funds are actually delivered.

There are quite a few failure points in the middle that can cause a transaction not to finish.

Usually if a transaction does not go through, the funds will be released back to you from your bank. They tend to take 3-5 days, depending on the policy of the bank. The vendor (Blizz) do not get the money unless it completes successfully.

To put in a ticket use the Problem with a purchase option. Those are usually a decently high priority.

Looking at the forums there is a lot of store activity right now. It may be an issues of store traffic.

You will probably want to keep an eye on the Overwatch forums for any public notices. They are more likely to be there than here.

Tech Support seems to have some long threads and Blue replies.

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so what should i do next? it states that it took 40 dollars from me?

Keep an eye on it. If the transaction does not finalize the bank will release the funds back to you within 3-5 days. If it goes through, you will end up getting what you bought.

IF there are any extra transactions that do manage to go through, you would then ask for them to be refunded and Blizzard would refund it.

Right now the store looks like it is a mess though so let it settle down and see what actually went through vs what failed. You will get your money or purchase one way or another.

Tried to get the 1000 coins starter pack, it said to retry but instead I reset my game, check my bank and was charged for 2 instead. Goodbye $20, goodbye coins, and no starter pack

Same problem here, kind of of annoying having to deal with bank thinking the charges are fraudulent, and freezing card. I have to wait for a ticket response or flag them as fraud and get a new card…