Got banned afte raid

I just playing era was in nax raid after we killed KT I dropped out of game and got banned whats the reason but
I didn’t do anything wrong
Didn’t sleep for few days and lvling a character to 40 in Sod
What’s the problem plz check my logs my characters everything

Just ask some era pugs snf & johannes & gorilla
I’m playing long time on era


You should have received an e-mail at your banned account e-mail informing you that the account is banned and giving the general reason for the ban. Blizzard usually (never ?) provides details… they won’t say that on such or such a date, you did this or that.

If you didn’t get an e-mail, check your mail “Trash” / “Deleted Mail” / “Spam” folder.

If you think the account penalty is a mistake, then you can appeal it.

Nothing can be done on the forums.

Good luck !

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