Goodbye blizzard

Couldn’t wait to play some world of Warcraft again after a few months out but with the cancelling of the options to buy 30 days game time with my blizzard balance I don’t find it beneficial to continue to give money to a company who just took this away from its player base or cares enough to tell us why


You wanna know why? They broke World of warcraft! Everyone’s stuck on hold with Scanning / Updating cr*p. I don’t know HOW these other players get lucky in playing. Just don’t give Blizzard any attention! They just want more money just like Scrooge McDuck. I have told them that WOW won’t start. They totally told me polar opposite. “Make sure you are connected to the internet.” well who isn’t 24/7 “Make sure you update your drivers.” Hello! Microsoft updates Windows 10 every month. “Make sure you’re not running any programs in the background.” Um… I am not shutting off Windows Security. That protects my computer from intruders like hackers. “Make sure you repair the game” I have been doing that. “Make sure you reboot your router.” pfffaha how is that gonna help any? That just stops buffering on Youtube. Basically it’s those guys that live WAY out in Irvine, California. WoW has been broken way before pandemic hit. Many lags, many rubber band lags in Diablo 3, many disconnections. And shutting down your computer and starting it up again… doesn’t EXACTLY help repair World of Warcraft any. They tweeked it to much that WOW cracked like a fine Ming plate. : (

The world will never be the same again

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@BdazmedPrim Shell no it won’t. Also I learned that stupid HughesNet isn’t fast enough to run World of Warcraft according to what MissCheetah said. : ( Well… that’ll leave me with nothin to do. : \