GOG-Bnet Integration for Diablo, WarCraft and WarCraft 2?

So, like a lot of hardcore old-school fans, I recently purchased the updated D1, WC1 and WC2 games as soon as they became available on G.O.G.

Not understanding why I would have to purchase them a 3rd time (yes, I bought the originals on physical disks back in the day, not complaining about the 2nd purchase 20+ years later on GOG) just to have these within the Battle.net launcher.

Are there no plans for an integration between GOG and Bnet to resolve this? Seriously, your most loyal fans (the ones who have been playing these games for decades and bought the updated ones from GOG) are the ones that are being disserviced the most by this.


MVPs don’t work for Blizzard, we are just other players. I can tell you though, that at this time there is no planned integration between the GoG platform versions and the Battlenet platform versions. I have all my old CDs too - and the boxes!. So I get it.

If that ever happens, it would be an unknown time in the future. Kind of like how for a long time they did not have the old games available at all on the modern Battlenet platform - and now eventually they do. It took many years between the release of modern Battlenet and the games being available on it. So I won’t say never, but if you want to play them on Battlenet without waiting for a future possibility years later, you would need to buy the Bnet version to play on the Bnet platform.

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Keep in mind that a requirment to purchase a game for each platform separately is not something just Bliz is doing in this particular situation. It’s something that has existed in the gaming industy for a while now.

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Blizzard also said they would NEVER bring D1 to Bnet and that peeps would have to play it over on GoG, but now it’s available on Bnet. So never say never. I refunded the game unfortunately UNTIL they fix the issues with the game. I kinda wish they would remaster this game for current tech PC’s, at least visually like D2. Everything else can stay the same, so I can play a full screen version that doesn’t look horrid. I play it in a box to make it look like it did back in the day.

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To anyone who sees chayliss’ post above

The version being sold by Bliz DOES have multiplayer on Battlenet and there IS a Gateway to play on.

At least for D1 all 3 versions can play on the same bnet instance. In fact it seams that currently the bnet release has to be pointed to the GOG bnet server to be able to connect. So yeah, no reason to buy it again.

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I feel the same… I have D1 old cds, and all the 3 games on GOG. I would like to register in bnet like i did with D2, D2 LOD, WC3 and Frozen Throne.
This integration should have been done from the beginning

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As for CD key registration,

D1 and WC1 predated CD keys so there isn’t a way to intergrate them. Thus, there is no way to validate the purchases.

WC2 did come with CD keys however the algorithm was used on the original Battlenet only, and unfortunately it has been lost to time. Without the algorithm, there isn’t a way for the modern Battlenet to read the keys. Thus again, there’s no way to integrate it, and no way to validate the purchase.

Keep in mind that the games are being released “as is”. Meaning, no development, no updates, no remastering, no server or service changes.