Give us the pve you promised!

Give us the PVE you promised. So frustrating how toxic and unbalanced PVP has become. Don’t get me wrong. The game is well made in that it plays well. The graphics are good and the story is good. However, why would you NOT listen to your consumers. There is clearly a large want for PVE. Why would you not tap that market? We are asking only for what you promised. Not only did you change OW1 to OW2 even though we purchased OW1. You made it completely unbalanced in most cases. Story missions have been done. Also, what the hell with the new training mode. Why not use those resources to create the PVE you promised. What a waste of resources. I’ve never heard a player request a new training mode. We have AI games, Tutorial, and practice range. I’ve never heard of a gaming company thinking “OH! I KNOW WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS WANT. MORE TRAINING”… I’m disappointed and I am a long time blizzard game supporter. So unfair guys.

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You’ll be wanting…

Thank you! for the help :slight_smile: