Getting no help from you so far, can you help?

I signed up on your forum a few days ago to get help, figure why your game won’t load 3/4 of the time. If you had a phone number or email I we could have solved this issue by now. Very angry now and losing my patience. as no one has replied to request in two days. I cannot get past the title screen most of the time. it says hit A button, which doesn’t enter the the game. On Xbox Series X. I did get in twice (Blizzard® Arcade Collection) the one with 4 games, but since then no luck getting in. Also their is no button map, hitting all the buttons trying to figure out which one does what. Also once in a game i cannot get back to try another game. Ughhh ! Stop hiding behind this virtual wall and help me fix the issue. For sure at this point i would never buy another one of your games. Your customer service is the worst i have encountered ever

The forums are for players to dicuss the games with other players. They are not a ticket system and are not staffed by Blizzard, although sometimes folks do read them and comment.

If you want to get a response you have to acutally use the ticket system.

Support > Contact Support > use the menu system.

Here is a link for the Tech Support for the Arcade Collection.

Please be aware though, that most Blizzard support is for PC, not for Console. You may end up having to talk to the Console tech support if Blizz can’t help you.

If I’m thinking about this correctly, pushing R3 (push down on the right stick) should give you button mapping options when your on a specific game, and I think it’s also how you can access going back to the main menu. Hope this helps.