Get refund through the website

It’d be a lot easier to correct a wrong purchase if you could get a refund immediately to your “ balance” instead of waiting 7-28 days for blizzard to refund the money and stuff, a lot of things would go way faster, and then from the balance you can choose refund.

i don’t know how you’ve get the refund… there’s always an error for me while i try to. Telling me to make a ticket … but impossible to make tickets anymore

If you purchased something from Blizzard the process is easy.

Support > Contact Support > Select Game > Categorize Issue > Purchase > Refund

You can get started here Contact Support - Blizzard Support

Select the type of product then proceed to the refund option. Also please understand that if you received and used part of a product like items that come with a pre order, the request may be denied. The terms of refund are normally noted during the purchase on the purchase page.

If you purchased something on a third party side you will need to request a refund from them. You will be subject to any terms you agreed to through that site at time of purchase. Most third party sites don’t bill you until the purchase ships/is delivered, so cancelling pre-orders tends to be pretty straight forward

The time until return of funds is not on Blizzard. It is on the bank or financial service you used. The policy on returned funds tends to be 7-10 days, but can be longer depending on the institution.

No but that’s what I’m saying, instead of ONLY having refunds go to bank account, Have an option to get them on your blizzard account immediately, so you can buy what you originally intended to buy without waiting days, potentially missing the discount while its there. It would go faster for everyone as no one would have to make a ticket. Maybe in the case that they’ve already used the product they bought the would be forced to make a ticket about it, but if you haven’t used the product, I see no reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to get the money back to the blizzard account IMMEDIATELY.

Blizzard Balance is not a form of real life money and can’t be cached out to turn into money again. It is something purchased with real money to use as a fake currency online.

If, by default, Blizzard gave you Bnet balance (a purchased product) instead of your actual money, they would be committing fraud and cheating you out of your cash.

I don’t think legally they can do that, even if you want them to. Maybe they will consider it and give it as a refund option? But they would have to put GIANT letters on it saying that once it is Bnet balance it can’t ever be turned into real cash again and your Bnet balance purchase is permanent.

NO matter how many warnings they put up though, some people won’t read and will feel they were cheated out of their hard earned real cash refund.

Then remake the bnet balance system so it contains real money, so you can get your money on there instead of only getting it to the bank account, I don’t understand the point of having a bnet balance system if it’s not used for anything other than people can put money in it themselves, Make it go both ways, put money in, take money out. just put a minimum amount or make it only be able to get a refund if Blizzard put the money on there, instead of giving a refund, that way you can have a look IMMEDIATELY on the website, if there is anything else you want to buy OR if you bought something by accident or for the wrong region, you can buy it for the right region immediately instead of having to wait so long to get your money back.