Get lost, Blizzard!

My World of Warcraft account was involved in illegal coin trading. A nostalgic server game with a duration of less than two weeks and only over 30g was permanently banned from illegal coin trading. I reluctantly and seriously communicated with customer service about the reasons for the illegal coin trading, and received only one sentence: according to the Blizzard legal agreement you signed, your account will be banned. And no refund channels have been provided yet. Blizzard exudes arrogance from top to bottom, from the bottom to the inside, and even customer service is now like this. Get lost, Blizzard!

Back in 2004 after playing the game for 3 months, I tried out a speed hack, it wasn’t that useful but it was fun exploring unfinished areas. A day later my lvl 50 character was deleted. Best thing blizzard ever did since it stopped me playing this evil timesync of a game.