General Overwatch API Question

Hi, I’m beginner developer who wants to use OW2 data to my website.
I’m looking for suitable API, that generally shows player data and their achievement and battle pass information.

My question is:

  1. Will Players API in Overwatch League API show user’s data?
  2. What exactly Segments API is?
  3. What API is related to battle pass? if available.
  4. I’m also wondering that the method to track the amount of player’s overwatch coin.

You can see all available endpoints and test the data it returns here: Blizzard Developer Portal

If something is not there then it isn’t available.

so what exactly segments API is?

Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, the Segments API is a type of API that provides more granular data by breaking down a larger dataset into smaller segments. In the context of Overwatch, this could potentially mean breaking down data by game mode, hero, or other factors.
I hope you are clear now.