Gear store cancelled two preorders I've had in for months, due to the item being discontinued before the release date?

The gear store just sent me an email saying my two pre-orders, that I ordered back in July, are unable to be filled. When I look up the item on the site it says it’s discontinued?!?! How can it be discontinued when I pre-ordered it and it never shipped? The site still says those items will ship out in December. What was the point of pre-ordering if they’re just going to cancel the order before the shipping date.

These are the two items:
Beast Kingdom Jim Raynor Starcraft 6’’ D-Stage Statue
Beast Kingdom Kerrigan Starcraft 6’’ D-Stage Statue

Also the email they sent is terrible, it starts off by saying “Thank you for choosing us to take care of your sports merchandising needs!”… I bought gaming stuff, not sports stuff. Then it says: “unable to fulfill the item(s) below. When we’re unable to fulfill an order it’s usually because the item is no longer available or because it is a custom order outside of licensing guidelines.” but the item page says discontinued and doesn’t ship til December. They can’t even be bothered to tell a straight story.

If they oversold their pre-orders then that’s a terrible practice. Only sell what you have product confirmed for. If they cancelled the entire line for whatever reason than just say so. Now I feel like I’ve been denied what I purchased.

Did this happen for anyone else, like was the whole line scrapped or did some go out early and the rest got shafted?

Yes I also ordered the Jim Raynor statue and got the same email. What sucks even more is my refund is being issued to a card I no longer have due to switching banks. So I’m sure this will be a fun phone call to customer service

Hey Saber, thanks for kicking off this post. I also ordered both in late July myself, and received the same cancellation. Seems more like a form letter, so I hope they do follow up here or elsewhere with a little more explanation.

I do see opportunities to pre-order these items in online collectible stores. I may attempt a purchase from one of those places and see what happens.

Some sites that still offer these items for pre-order are projecting fulfillment in May 2021. I suspect (and this is pure speculation on my part) that Blizzard canceled these orders because something is taking longer than usual. I noticed also that the Battlecruiser collectibles, which were supposed to ship this month were delayed until February.

Yeah, I also ordered the Battlecruiser but the email I received for that one was to tell me it’s delayed. Not that they were cancelling it. Which is the case with Raynor and Kerrigan. Now that you mention it, I’m kind of worried the same thing will happen to it now.

Ditto as you guys/gals. I had a couple items cancelled. However, my biggest complaint is the LE Diablo IV Art Work (with Collector’s Pin). They sent me something else, knowingly (the documentation in the box indicated they were shipping the new item, even though the Blizzard Gear site did not).

I have been trying to return it, but the only three options I have to communicate to Customer Service are phone (hearing impaired), digital chat (which has, mysteriously, been offline every time I have checked over the past four days), or snail mail. I can’t help but feel like I am being scammed by being sent an item I didn’t order, as a replacement, and then making it impossible to return. Pretty crummy. Blizzard, if you can’t be bothered to handle your own Merchandise Shop, you should at least hold that company to a reasonable standard. This is on you.

I had a chance to contact Fanatics Support.

Note: For everyone that needs to Return an Item, go ahead and go to the fanatics website, and click on “Chat”. That is working, even though the one on the Gear Blizzard site is broken (mysteriously).

2nd Note: Fanatics and Blizzard do not have a line of communication on Pre Orders and fulfillment. I was able to confirm that, while Fanatics won’t admit they intentionally sent me the wrong item, they did not have the correct item to send me. I would strongly recommend that NO ONE USES THE GEAR STORE PRE ORDER SYSTEM, AS YOU ARE SIMPLY LETTING THEM BORROW MONEY FROM YOU WITH NO GUARANTEE!

I’d just like to throw in my encounter with the gear store, as it’s one of the worst online shop experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I pre-ordered a Jaina statuette sometime in april, apparently on the US store, but I live in EU. I didn’t realize it at the time though, and there seemed to be no problem with the shipping.

It was supposed to arrive sometime in September, so I just waited and forgot about it. Then in September, I got an email that it was in fact shipped. I then kept waiting for it to arrive, but it never did. So I tried to contact them. The EU store just told me that:

“You’ve ordered this on the US store so you have to ask them”.

And I told them that you can’t access the US store from the EU, as it just redirects, and the only answer I got for that was “Yes, they only have an online chat function so you’ll have to use that”… And that doesn’t really help. So I instead had to legit use a VPN to get the US version. And from there I got that it was waiting for me at the post office.

So I contact the post office. Apparently fanatic had just put my contact information as a “noreply email, and a gibberish phone number that went nowhere”. So they couldn’t deliver it, and it was now on its way back. But the fanatic support said they had my correct info.

From there on I was told to wait for the package to get back to the US, and was promised an email when it did. I never got that email, and now the chat function has been disabled for months. I’m now trying to contact them via the Fanatics website instead of the gear store, but I’ve given up hope. I haven’t received any money back for it either.

Stay away from the gear store and fanatics overall.

The manufacturer, Beast Kingdom, has parted ways with Blizzard Entertainment due to changes in the market. Six collectibles in total have been removed from their site with 2 Dynamic 8ction Heroes from World of Warcraft , 2 statues from Starcraft 2, and 2 statues from Hearthstone