Garbage service = garbage products

I have never been so disgusted or disappointed in a game publisher as I am to find out about how Blizzard as a company and it’s representatives are actively closing and preventing users from getting help, or discussing the poor latency and biased service being offered.

Constant rubber banding, lag and DC’s all over western Canada, and nothing but sheer ignorance on the subject, for the entire lifetime of OW as a public game.

It’s more than enough to keep me from buying anything from Blizzard, but the way your service reps do their job so poorly, and your company so ignorantly brushes aside all responsibility while continuing to peddle more and more cosmetic garbage… It’s truly disgusting.

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You write with confident and heart.
Blizzard don’t care man at the moment.
My guess is it’s run by mostly automations (scripts/AI) and only few staff actually doing something. So they hire youngsters with no experience, only twitter-experience and then they call it professional. Soon Blizz is no more and it’s been like this for over a year, they are on the verge and need to ACT now or perish.