Games (WoW, HOTS and D3) keep closing randomly since last app update

Since the last app updade (the one that changed the system tray icon) a few days ago, every blizzard game just randomly closes, with no error.
I play wow, HOTS and D3, and all of them started closing randomly since the update.
Dunno if there is any kind of log I can check, but they dont give any error, they just close, as if I had pressed Alt+F4.
This also only happen with games launched from the bnet app. Every other game or software I use is working fine.

The Bnet launcher doesn’t have the ability to close the games itself. You’ll want to check the Windows Event Viewer under Windows system logs, or the Windows Reliability History.

Found a log under “Windows system logs” just now, when my HOTS closed while on queue for a game

Do you know where I can send it, for someone to help me? Should I just post it here, or open a ticket?
Thanks a lot for the help, btw