Games on a Networkdrive

Why is Blizzard dictating us where we are allowed to install our games?

As of various reasons I want to install Blizzard games onto my NAS but the Blizzard APP keeps telling me that my mapped networkdrive is an invalid installation directory. Any workaround or fix for that?


It’s ridiculous. I just got a NAS setup going after researching a lot about them and now I’m told that both Origin and won’t work. Unbelievable.


There is no fix because Blizzard does not care. So far too few players are affected by this (I am one of them). I hate useless restrictions - especially since it is technically a minor task. Steam does it - so Blizzard could too. But as long as only few players complain, they won’t spare the resources.


I was just trying to set this up. Guess ill have to buy new SSD then :confused: what a shame.

I don’t think so, because I can’t seem to find the post at hand quickly, but those were basically the two points you are going to mentioned. More, they looked at pick/ban systems from other games before deciding to go the direction they chose.

Ridiculous… And an inconvenience (forum does not let me use the right word :poop: ) for trying to install (as I was trying) in a parallels windows VM. I don’t want the main disk to grow, but win sees the shared folder of my mac where I want to install games as a network map… so, I can install there Epic and Steam games… but NO BLIZZARD games (and the drive is, is fact, a local one)

Something like this would help me who is on a 5Mbps DSL line not have to leave my desktop computer (Not exactly power efficient) on for 12 hours to download D2R. Electricity isn’t free and allowing me to save their games wherever I like allows me to create workarounds to download on lower power devices and run them on higher powered devices.

It’s late 2022 and still no change
(Btw for Origen there is a workaround/not nice but it works)

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Can you post the workaround please? Thank you!