Game not loading on Mobile data

I saw there was a topic about this from back in May, but saw no resolution to it or fix.

This is regarding Hearthstone on mobile.

I recently switched phones to a Samsung S10 and now when I load the game it only works if on wifi. Mobile doesn’t work. Now as I said I did see the other topic, but none of the replies seem to apply.

My info:
I am in Canada
On Samsung S10
Rogers Wireless which is not Tmobile network so the work around listed do not work for me.

I saw another thread were basically tech support mentioned the workaround (which I tried but did not work), to get a VPN (which I’m not paying for just for this), or to contact my provider (so passing the buck).

Are we going to get an actual fix for this any time soon? The bulk of my play is on the go. Needing wifi kinda makes that pointless.

Just wanted to add that one of the workarounds I tried as per the suggestions was switching to 3G network (CDMA).

I saw this work around. Doesn’t work for me. When I go to settings and click on network mode my options are:





No sight of CDMA option. Not sure if it has anything to do with me being with Rogers Wireless