Game development idea for after Shadowlands

I had an idea pop in my head a week ago and it won’t leave me alone until I share it with all of you.

Gamers of WoW, past and present, “miss the old days”, or have a FAV expansion.

New gamers get to “cheat” by “old-timers” standards of not leveling the hard way, but just buy to max level. Thus, supposedly they don’t develop the skills needed for “end game” content.

With each major expansion, there are story, quests, geography changes, ect.

What if, EACH expansion was playable, and the player could chose to “advance” their toon to the next expansion and all it’s glory that once was. A player could chose to stay in an expansion with said toon because of the personal joy for that expansion. No buying to max, you’ve got to earn it. Thus everyone starting a new toon would start in whatever expansion their “race” was introduced, and have to level according to the expansion they are currently in. Toons can’t advance to the next expansion until certain toon criteria are met…like being at max level for the current version.

So, say I’m new player, I buy WoW in full. All the expansions. My first toon must be a Vanilla WoW. Once I can get that toon to TBC expansion, I can make toons that came out with that expansion.

Say I’m an existing player, I have all WoW expansions and a toon or more of 60. This situation I haven’t really thought it through.

What do you think? I would love it. I think it would be a big joyful hit for new and old gamers of WoW because of the versatile gaming experience. To “relive” expansions and be able to stay there forever. I know many of my gaming associates I met here in WoW quit when Cata came out. By have the pre-Cata, you’d entice those players back since they wouldn’t be forced to play WoW Cata, and post-Cata.

Thanks for reading, and maybe kick the idea around.


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